August 21, 2012

Second Day Success!

We had an awesome second day of school even though it is always much harder than the first.  The kids started off the day with writing the numbers 1, 4, and 10 properly.  The kids quickly learned that habits are hard to break when it comes to writing properly.

After math it was time to learn some of our reading stations.  Soon the kids will be assessed on their reading abilities and placed into different reading groups.  Therefore it is important that the kids are trained at the stations when working independently while I have a small reading group.

After lunch today, we continued learning about the rules and discussing why it is important for us to follow the rules.  The kids loved the story I read to them today...

Tomorrow the school will start helping the kindergarteners learn their colors.  Mrs. Manley is asking that all of the students and staff wear BLUE tomorrow.  So please dress your child in blue to help the little ones recognize the color blue.  Thanks and have a great night!


August 20, 2012

Our First Day

Wow!  We are off to a GREAT start!  The kids and I have had a wonderful first day.  We started our day with a quick coloring page and started learning about the classroom rules.  We even read a very funny book by David Shannon.

This was a great start to our rule discussion and it even introduced the class to our Author of the Month.  Did you know that David Shannon starting writing No David when he was 5 years old?

After learning about the rules, it was time to get started working.  The kids loved math time.  They found out that they get to play math games everyday (no one complained).  Each child is placed into a small math group of 8.  While I instruct the small group, the rest of the kids are playing various math games around the room to reinforce the skills they have already learned.  Who knew that learning math could be fun?!

Can you believe that after math it was already time for lunch?  After lunch, the kids worked on a special project.  They are making time capsules.  Inside the time capsules each child has their height measurement, pictures, information about things they like, and a paper cut out of their hand.  It will be great to see the changes they have made when we open them up on the last day of school.


After all the time capsule fun, we watched a video clip for the book Officer Buckle and Gloria.  The kids learned why it is important to follow the rules from Officer Buckle and his dog Gloria in a very funny way.  

Finally it was time to pack up, head to recess, and then finish the day with Mrs. Vincent our gym teacher.  The kids were wonderful, the day ran smoothly, and I can tell already that I have a Fabulous group of Firsties!